The For Honor exploit that won a recent tournament has been fixed

Nobushi For Honor

Ubisoft have killed a controversial, wide-ranging bug with the latest For Honor update. The exploit was removed from the game in the For Honor 1.11 update.

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The bug in question, nicknamed Unlock Tech by the For Honor community, allowed players to make their attacks unparryable if used at the right time. It was recently used at For Honor’s first major tournament, where player Alernakin repeatedly exploited Unlock Tech, eventually winning the tournament.

The full patch notes reference bug fixes on a total of four heroes so far. These are Warden, Valkyrie, Shugoki, and Nobushi. Ubisoft make a note of these changes saying “there are a number of situations where unlocking during an attack can cause it to become un-parryable by the opponent. Across the game, we’re currently working to remove this unintended behavior.” While it doesn’t fix the problem across the game, it should mean that Unlock Tech’s days are numbered.

Elsewhere in the update, Ubisoft are trying to make For Honor less defensive, adding penalties for running from duels, and increasing chip damage to prevent people from being able to hide behind their shields for an entire match. You can read about some of the other major changes coming to For Honor, including Highlander and Gladiator, the new heroes, here.