Fortnite Creative has courses for Minecraft educators now

Fortnite Creative and Minecraft have similarities but are generally going to feel very different to each other which is why these courses exist

A Fortnite teacher in front of a Minecraft school

Fortnite Creative can be an effective tool for learning in much the same way that Minecraft can be. It might seem odd to those not in education anymore, but Minecraft’s Education edition is quite popular, which is probably why Fortnite Creative has courses to help people use both.

The course was recently posted to the Epic blog and is specifically aimed at helping “secondary educators familiar with Minecraft how to use Fortnite Creative in the classroom.” The course consists of 11 videos long and shows off a plethora of different features and mechanics from the game in order to demonstrate to users how it may be utilised for teaching.

The blog post itself also highlights what are likely the two biggest differences between the game when it comes to building. Minecraft, as you likely know, is all about putting things together brick by brick, whereas Fortnite offers ready-to-use assets instead. It’s theoretically faster to build in Fortnite, but it can lack some of the complexity offered by the other main difference: the coding elements.

Minecraft can be used to teach the logic of coding thanks to just how complicated command blocks and Redstone mechanisms can be. Fortnite doesn’t have the same kind of depth, but it does mimic the same freedom via different devices and mechanics instead. Things like the Item Placer device allow players to very easily see how they impact the world while they’re being used. It makes for a more immediate feedback loop, which, as anyone with kids will tell you, can be an essential component when teaching them. Overall though, it’s just kind of wild to see Fortnite talking about bringing in Minecraft creators so openly.

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