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Fortnite Zero Build Arena is finally here

Fornite Zero Build Arena is a game mode that allows players to get their competitive fix along with two teammates in the search of glory

Fortnite Zero Build Arena promo image showing three characters on a red background

Fortnite Zero Build Arena is out now. It’s finally time for those who hate building to take to the competitive streets and try to rise through the ranks, and that can only be good news. It’s not just glory that makes this mode worthwhile, you can also win some loot if you do well enough.

This season is only available until August 30th, and it shares the same loot pool as the normal Zero Build mode. That means if you’ve been mainlining the Zero Build modes anyway, you’ll find nothing surprising here outside of the steadily increasing competitiveness of the players you’re fighting against.

It’s also only available in trios at the moment, which will upset some people who prefer the cold-hard isolation of playing without teammates. We’re not judging you, we’ve all been left to die by a teammate before, and it hurts.

Network N earns commission from qualifying purchases via Microsoft and other programs.In Arena, players gain hype by performing certain actions which serves as an MMR of sorts, meaning the more you’ll get, the harder the players you’ll likely be fighting will be. It’s also hype that allows you to move up through the leagues, and according to HypeX, you can unlock a few sprays and emoticons for hitting certain milestones before the mode goes away again.

It’s also yet another thing to do ahead of the Summer Update that’s likely dropping next week. We’ve been barraged with unique tasks recently and a lot of us are only just recovering from trying to do all of the Nindo challenges, but hey, it’s more Fortnite, so it could be worse.

In other news, the Two-Shot Shotgun just got a notable buff, and we’ve got you covered if you’re trying to solve the pesky Shuffled Shrines challenges too.