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Fortnite updates keep coming, but Epic won’t release patch notes

Want Fortnite Chapter 2 patch notes? So does, uh, everyone

Fortnite updates have continued apace since the game’s big relaunch under the Chapter 2 moniker. But you’re going to have to either dig through social media or start playing to see what those changes entail, because Epic has stopped providing patch notes altogether – and nobody is quite sure why.

Fortnite’s Halloween bonanza in patch 11.10 did get a blog post detailing the features of the event, but that wasn’t all that was added in the update. The Pumpkin Launcher returned, you can now fish with explosives, and shield items got some new animation effects to help them stand out. The bug fixes, at least, are shown on Epic’s Trello board, but it’s just not quite the same as proper patch notes.

Similarly, the more recent updates have added a harpoon gun, made changes to upgrade station spawns, and switched the rocket launcher back to its more traditional look. Want to know, say, how much damage the harpoon does to players or structures, or about its alternative use as a fishing tool? You definitely won’t be getting those details out of Epic.

We’ve reached out to Epic for comment, but did not receive an immediate response. We’ll update if that changes.

We can at least give you a whole bunch of Fortnite Creative codes – the community’s been building custom creations for ages now, and it looks like they’ll soon be your source of patch notes, too.