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Fortnite Chrome Splash can be duplicated for a Splatoon-y experience

The Fortnite Chrome Splash is a new item in the battle royale game that allows for some excellent, Splatoon-y plays, and it turns out you can basically farm it

Fortnite Chrome Splash can be duplicated. This image shows three characters and the chrome.

The Fortnite Chrome Splash item is an entirely new item for chapter 3 season 4 of the battle royale game, and it’s a blast to use. It basically allows players to either turn an item in the world into Chrome, or splash it on the floor and become infused themselves, allowing them to move around like a Splatoon character.

There are plenty of funky new features in the new season, but the Chrome is undoubtedly one of the most visually striking, and arguably the most entertaining things we’ve seen in a while. You can grab Chrome Splash in a few different ways, but you’ll probably come across it as you’re picking up your first slew of items. However, you can also get some by knocking down some Chrome-infused structures and things like trees.

There’s actually an interaction that can happen because of knocking down Chromed trees, that can allow you to essentially farm Chrome Splash, and thus build up a huge reserve of the stuff to allow you to travel around the Fortnite map in style. All you have to do is yeet a Chrome Splash at a big old tree, then knock that tree down. You’ll usually gain two from doing so, which means you’ve doubled the Chrome Splash you threw.

You don’t have to take our word for it though, because HypeX also tweeted this interaction out. It’s a huge amount of fun to feel like you’re gaming the system by doing this, and given how useful Chrome Splash can be, it’s worth spending a little bit of time doing this if you’ve got the time and space for it.

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