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Fortnite Island Codes: the best Creative maps and how sharing works

Here’s how to share and play community-made maps using the new Fortnite Island Codes feature

fortnite island codes

Fortnite Island Codes allow players to share their own creations and maps with other players via 12-digit codes. All you creative players out there who have invested countless hours making great mini games and want to share your masterpiece with the whole world can now do so. Likewise, this is also great for those of your who are hungry for more ways to play Fortnite with your friends, but don’t fancy the hard work: just browse the internet for a cool Island Code, enter it in the Creative Hub, and enjoy the fruits of somebody else’s labour.

At the moment, Fortnite Island Codes are only available for a limited number of Fortnite Support a Creator program members to start using and testing, so you can’t share your creations just yet. However, you can start playing the maps of some of Fortnite’s best creators right now if you’ve got a map code for it.

So to help you figure out how to load player-made creations we’ve prepared this handy walkthrough of everything you need to know about Fortnite Island Codes.

fortnite island codes eerie estates


Just looking for a few map codes to try out the new system for yourself? Here are all the best Fortnite Island Codes:

  • 5542-7687-4547 – Risky Runways, a trap-filled multiplayer map
  • 2012-6281-8095 – Nuketown Reimagined, classic COD map
  • 6224-0839-9043 – Explorer, parkour map
  • 1090-0783-2499 – Looming Lama, elaborate multiplayer map
  • 0246-3501-9703 – Eerie Estates, great for hide-and-seek
  • 8641-0487-1161 – Grimy Greens, a dark mystery lies beneath the grass
  • 5253-4025-7629 – Dust II from CS:GO
  • 8335-1484-3001 – LazarbeamYT’s map
  • 7693-3640-8910 – Mystery Market
  • 5916-2410-1250 – Mighty Mountain
  • 2434-7674-6447 – YU7A’s map
  • 1512-9091-3630 – Mahal Museum
  • 8792-1332-7866 – Bounce Pad Deathmatch
  • 2092-4164-5943 – CallMeCypher’s FFA Snipes
  • 4815-1697-8741 – Factories Overgrown Remix
  • 0632-6317-2480 – Tinker’s Toystore
  • 0213-4672-2099 – Janky Jail, fun multiplayer map
  • 0940-9970-7913 – CizzorzDeathRun Challenge, parkour challenge
  • 3624-9134-2626 – MW2 Rust, classic COD map
  • 4264-02210-9408 – Merls Battle Arena
  • 6352-8048-2222 – Snipers Vs Runners, inventive mini game
  • 5618-2963-5299 – Warp Up Course (Advanced), perfect for training
  • 9587-6651-4676 – Halo’s Lockout, recreation of popular Halo map
  • 4203-6925-0108 – Shipment COD 4, ideal for a frantic FFA

fortnite set island code

Finding Fortnite Island Codes

Looking for a new Fortnite map to play on with your friends? While the feature hasn’t been rolled out in full just yet, Epic Games say the best place to find community-made creations and their Island Codes is through Reddit, YouTube, and Twitch. Your best bet for finding new Island Codes is likely not the biggest Fortnite subreddit (r/FortNiteBR) but instead the relatively small Fortnite Creative subreddit, which is filled with wonderful player-made maps and games.

How to use Fortnite Island Codes

So, how do you actually load new Fornite Creative Islands? All you have to do is note the code you want down, load into Fortnite Creative, head to the Creative Hub, and look for one of the standard rift portals that signifies a featured Island. Stop before you actually wander into the rift portal and you’ll see an option to ‘Set Island Code’ by holding the E key. This will bring up a box like the one below:

fortnite island codes found

Once you’ve input the code in, the game will take a moment to find the Island and give you a short description of it so you can confirm it’s the Island Code you were hoping for. Then click the ‘Select Island’ button, which will close the box and change the rift portal so that it takes you to a new map rather than the featured Island – expect it to take some time to load in the new map.

A nice touch from Epic Games also means that any recently entered Fortnite Island Codes will be temporarily saved as favourites, allowing you to quickly travel to your most-played maps.

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Once it’s all loaded you’ll see the full name and description for the Island Code, simply run into the Rift Portal and it will take you to the new map. However, if you actually want to play the map with your friends then you’ll need to open up your menu, go into the ‘My Island’ tab, and start the match through there.

How to share your Fortnite Island

Unfortunately, this feature is not yet live for the vast majority of Fortnite Creative players, but we will update this section of the guide as soon as Epic Games release Fortnite Island Codes for all Fortnite players to use.

Be sure to check out our Fortnite Creative mode guide if you’re still struggling to get to grips with this new way of playing and building. You can also check out our Fortnite codes list for some of our personal favourites. As Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 release date is on the way, we could expect changes to Creative mode, but in the meantime, enjoy this list of all the best Fortnite Island Codes.