Fortnite Wraps: all weapon and vehicle skins revealed so far

Fortnite weapon skins have finally arrived in the form of Wraps, here are all the weapon and vehicle cosmetics revealed so far

What are Fortnite Wraps? Epic Games have done an impressive job of filling their game to bursting point with bright and colourful cosmetics in the year since the battle royale mode launched, but one very obvious cosmetic item has always been strangely absent: Fortnite weapon skins. Wraps are exactly that, skins you can collect and equip not just to your favourite guns, but also vehicles like the ATK, Quadcrasher, and the new X-4 Stormwing Plane.

While the majority of new and upcoming Fortnite Wraps have arrived via the Season 7 Battle Pass, a few weapons skins have also started cropping up in the Fortnite Item Shop and even as rewards for completing seasonal challenges.

To help you plot out your Fortnite V-Bucks purchases and keep track of skins collection, we’ve scoured every available source to bring you as many confirmed Fortnite Wraps as possible. As with our list of all Fortnite skins, we will continue to update this list every time Epic Games adds new Wraps, so keep checking back for all the latest weapon and vehicle skins.

New Fortnite Wraps

Whether they come from the Item Shop, as Battle Pass rewards, or from seasonal events, here are the latest Fortnite Wraps:

fortnite wraps hot and cold

Hot and Cold

fortnite wraps chromatic


fortnite wraps cuddle hearts

Cuddle Hearts

fortnite wraps golden clouds

Golden Clouds

fortnite wraps valentine


fortnite wraps sprinkles



All Fortnite Wraps

Here is a list of every Fortnite weapon and vehicles skin currently available to unlock or buy in the game.

fortnite wraps disco skins


fortnite wraps skins candy cane

Candy Cane

fortnite wraps weapon skins crimson

Ultra Red

fortnite wraps weapons skins arctic camo

Arctic Camo

fortnite wraps weapon skins durr burger

Durrr Burger

fortnite wraps weapon skins black gold

Carbon and Gold

fortnite wraps blue metallic

Blue Metallic

fortnite wraps weapon skins ice platinum

Indigo Ice

fortnite wraps weapon skins green


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That’s all the Fortnite Wraps we’ve managed to spot from the Battle Pass trailer and a Epic Games’ blog posts, but they’ll almost definitely be a few more when the Season 7 Battle Pass is out, not to mention the inevitable additions to the Item Shop. You can see this initial run of skins previewed in our Fortnite Season 7 Battle Pass rewards video, posted above.