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Fortnite’s cube made its last stop - now Loot Lake is purple and bouncy

Is this the end for the cube? Is this the end for loot lake? Is this the beginning for Fortnite season 6?

The Fortnite cube – sorry, ‘Kevin’ – appears to have at last made its final stop, sinking into Loot Lake, melting away, and then vanishing entirely. A moment after Kevin melted away, the entire lake turned purple, and now appears to be made of the same rubbery material as the cube itself, letting you bounce around the entire surface of the lake.

All the water flowing out of Loot Lake appears to be cascading over the waterfalls just as it always has, and the runes Kevin left around the map still signify domes of low-gravity fun. The lake doesn’t seem to offer the same angry response to being fired upon that Kevin did, though it appears you’re still threatened by fall damage if you bounce too high.

With Kevin’s journey apparently at an end, homeowners around the Fortnite map can rest a little easier – maybe those Tilted Towers construction sites are actually safe now. Of course, we still don’t know exactly what’s going to happen now that the cube has taken over Loot Lake. Datamines and popular speculation suggest that a volcano is going to erupt from the lake’s position, but we’ll be waiting to see exactly how that happens.

The historical spread between updates would suggest that the Fortnite season 6 release date is, er, tomorrow. Whatever the newly cubified Loot Lake is going to do, it’s likely to happen very soon, so keep your eyes peeled.