Fortnite’s ‘dick bullets’ will be fixed later this week

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Epic Games are addressing some of the issues that Fortnite players have faced over the past few weeks. Alongside the removal of Guided Missiles, Epic say they’ll be making changes to peeking and weapon-swapping.

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The changes to peeking stemmed from an attempted fix implemented in v3.4. When Epic tried to change an issue affecting a small number of players, they accidentally introduced a bug that affected how players could peek over or around structures. That resulted in players accidentally shooting their own protection, as their bullet’s flight paths didn’t line up with their aiming reticule – something that quickly became known as the ‘dick bullets’ conundrum, as the bullets seemed to stem from the centre of Fortnite’s character models. The change should be fixed in patch v3.5.2, which is due later this week.

The second issue addressed is weapon-swapping. Recently, Epic introduced weapon equip times to the game, taking away unfair advantages from slow-firing weapons – players could swap between weapons to drastically increase their rate of fire. Epic say they plan to revert the changes to Snipers and Crossbows, but will maintain the delay on Shotguns, the Revolver and Handcannon, and the Rocket Launcher. The changes should be live now.

Epic also say they’re looking at making further changes to weapon switching, as the animations are “somewhat misleading” – guns can be fired sooner than they appear to be ready, meaning they look sluggish. They haven’t announced when these changes will drop, but, assuming everything works out right, expect to see them early in season four. You can check out Epic’s full post on Reddit.