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All Fortnite Fish Trophy locations: where to find all the fish trophies

Looking for the Fish Trophies in Fortnite? Here’s how you can get one step closer to completing your week 8 challenges

Where are all the Fortnite fish trophies? Yep, this week’s wonderfully weird item that Fortnite will have you dancing next to is mechanical fish trophies. These fish trophies are scattered throughout the map and seem to be the go-to decor for many of the buildings in Fortnite.

After dashing around the map, when you finally find one of these trophies you need to dance in front of it. Being that it’s a mechanical fish, the trophy will sense the groove moving through your hips and wiggle back at you in response, the two of you moving together in some awkward mating dance – which, surprisingly, is not the weirdest thing to come out of Fortnite.

You’ll need to find and dance in front of seven different fish trophies to complete the challenge. There are three of them relatively close together in the north-east area of the map. Or, if you fancy a trek, you could work your way across from fish trophy on the left side of the map and all the way to the right, starting at Snobby Shores and curving your way up to finish at Risky Reels.

We’ve listed all the Fortnite fish trophy locations below along with a marked map to help you unite with your mechanical fishy friends.

Fortnite Fish Trophies Locations:

  • Fatal Fields – Get to the first floor of the house and it’s above the chimney
  • Greasy Grove – Head inside the nature store, it’s displayed near the counter
  • Snobby Shores – Inside the bunker of the southernmost house, it’s above the couch
  • Tilted Towers – On the floor in the demolished building
  • Dusty Divot – On the second floor inside the small office just above the divot
  • Retail Row – There’s one inside the retail store
  • Lonely Lodge – On the first floor in the biggest cabin
  • Wailing Woods – Underneath the hedge maze, head to the underground bunker and you’ll see three of them hanging out on the second floor
  • Risky Reels – Find the building with the green screen, second floor
  • Lazy Links – Behind the gift shop’s counter
  • Junk Junction – In the main building, above the mattress on the first floor

This challenge is just one of the seven Fortnite challenges for season 6 week 8. For this week’s challenges you’ll be getting to grips with the grappling hook, trying out newly added weapons, and getting in some target practice with clay pigeon shooting.

Alongside the challenges this week, there has been some funny business going on beneath Wailing Woods. A player a discovered a four-way teleporter in the rift with other players calming that you see a mysterious castle by gazing into the rifts – very peculiar.

Header Image: TheLlamaSir via YouTube