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Gifting is coming to Fortnite this patch - here’s how it works

Gifting is now live for a limited time in Fortnite Battle Royale, just in time for the festive season


As we near Christmas, it’s only fitting we remember the true spirit of the season – presents. Just tonnes of gifts. So it should come as no real surprise that, just a few weeks before the holidays, Fortnite’s long-awaited gifting system is finally on its way, albeit for a limited time.

The system, which has been regularly requested by fans since the game shot to popularity earlier this year, should now be available in game with the next update, due later this week.

To buy a gift, you’ll need to head to the game’s Item Shop, and choose an item to purchase as normal. Once you’ve picked what you want to buy, you’ll be given the option to either purchase your item or buy it as a gift. If you choose “Buy As A Gift,” you’ll then be able to select which friend you want to send you gift to, and you’ll get the option to add a custom message. The next time your friend logs on, they’ll be presented with a gift box. But before you can start handing out gifts left, right, and centre, there are a few criteria you’ll need to fulfill.

Players will need to have multi-factor authentication enabled before they can use the game’s gifting system, according to Epic’s announcement post. If you want to send someone a gift, you’ll need to have been friends with them for at least 48 hours, and you’ll only be able to give three gifts within each 24 hour period. You’ll be able to gift anything that’s currently in the item shop, but anything you do purchase won’t be eligible for a refund.

If you don’t want to receive gifts, then you can disable your access to the system via the in-game account settings. The current iteration of the system seems to be something of a test – Epic says that the initial gifting period will only last a week from the launch of update 6.31.

That update also brings a handful of pretty meaningful changes to the state of shotguns. Not only is the Pump Shotgun getting Legendary and Epic varieties, the entire weapon is getting an accuracy buff that will essentially triple its minimum damage. We’re expecting Fortnite update 6.31 to drop on Thursday.