Fortnite is getting a new limited-time game mode, Impact

fortnite comet tilted towers

A new limited time game mode is heading to Fortnite. The mode, which was uncovered in a datamine and revealed on Twitter, is called Impact.

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The new mode, which you can see referenced in the tweet below, appears to only be available for solo players. It’s possible that that may change at some point, as Fortnite’s other LTMs, such as High Explosives or 50v50, don’t limit players to playing by themselves.

The tweet’s caption reads “A new mode is in the game files! Impact! Only solo and probably has something to do with the comet!”

As mentioned, it’s pretty likely that Impact has something to do with the comet that’s been hovering ominously over the game’s map for a few weeks now and seems to be heading for Tilted Towers (and is definitely getting closer). My guess is that Impact will take place in the ruins of Tilted Towers after the comet hits, but PCGamesN’s Jordan suggests that it could also introduce PUBG-style red zones to the map.

The datamine is pretty scarce, so there’s no solid information about what Impact will be or when it will arrive. It does sync up pretty nicely with the new dinosaur-themed skins, which I predict will shape the theme of the season four battle pass, so expect to see the new mode arrive in a few weeks, when season three comes to an end.