Fortnite mobile PC cross-play, release date, gameplay, sign up, trailer – everything we know

fortnite mobile

When can we play Fortnite mobile? Fortnite has one of the best battle royale modes around, and we cannot get enough of it. The trouble is, sometimes we have to leave the house. However, the understanding folk of Epic Games have us covered: Fortnite mobile means that we can play the Pixar-esque battle royale phenomenon anytime, anywhere on a phone or tablet.

Bag yourself a Victory Royale with our Fortnite tips for Battle Royale on PC and mobile.

Finding a way to squeeze 100 players onto that small, distracting slab of metal in our pockets is certainly a technically ambitious gambit. Epic claim that no compromises have been made with Fortnite mobile: this is the same game to which we have lost many hours on PC. Before we are overwhelmed with excitement at the prospect of completely revolutionised (battle) bus journeys, here is everything we know about Fortnite mobile.

Fortnite mobile PC cross-play: how do I join my friends on PC?

fortnite mobile

Fortnite mobilePC cross-playwill be supported with us desktop folk. While we are itching to annihilate our new touch screen rivals with our trusty mouse and keyboard, this begs the question: will those on mobile be able to join a squad of PC players?

The answer is yes, but with restrictions. Epic Games PR Nick Chester confirmed this onTwittersaying “It’s opt in. A PC gamer cannot join a mobile queue, but a mobile gamer can opt in to play with a PC player.”

While we admire the efforts to unite players of different platforms, the fact that this socially-minded mechanic prevents cheeky PC players invading a mobile game with a view to securing a cheap victory royale seems fair.

Fortnite mobile release date

When is the Fortnite mobile release date? Some lucky players have their hands on the game already but we do not know the exact date of when everyone will be able to parachute down from the mobile battle bus. However, Epic say, for iOS players, “invites will start rolling out soon to players who have signed up.” Apple-philes might be in luck, but Android users will have to wait a little longer.

Fortnite mobile sign up: how do I get the game?

fortnite mobile

You can sign up for the waiting list on Epic’s official site, provided you own at least an iPhone 6S/SE or iPad Mini 4/Pro/Air 2 running iOS 11. You will then be sent an email inviting you to get in on this work-in-progress beta.

Invites will be staggered, however, so you may have to be patient. On the FAQ section beneath Epic’s announcement article, it reads “We’re sending out invites as our services scale up to handle more players with the goal of maintaining a healthy player population. Not everyone will get in at the same time.”

Also Epic say that “Factors that contribute to the order in which players receive invites include sign-up order, proximity to a data center, and device model.” If you have not got in on Fortnite mobile yet, if you are on the waiting list, you will just have to be patient.

Fortnite mobile gameplay: is this the same game as on PC?

Fortnite mobile

According to Epic, the Fortnite mobile gameplay will precisely reflect the intoxicating experience we enjoy on PC. They claim that the game boasts “the same 100-player game […] same gameplay, same map, same content, same weekly content updates.” That means our crucial Fortnite tips apply, too.

We have been lucky enough to get our hands on the beta and the game pretty much delivers on what Epic are promising. Playing on an iPad 2017, it, unsurprisingly, did not look as nice as our GTX 1060-powered PC. That said, it is still a promising technical achievement. We also played a game of squads with one of our number playing on the iPad. While they might not have been as useful as they might have been on PC, it is still cool to have the option. It is also integrated seamlessly.

However, we did find it challenging to manipulate the controls of Fortnite mobile: aiming, shooting, and evading fire all at once will take some getting used to. It is certainly not as good as the PC version, but we are impressed, nonetheless.

Fortnite mobile Android release date

Fortnite mobile

Wannabe Fortnite mobile players and Android device owners will have to be patient: this exciting dose of portable battle royale goodness will be coming to iOS, first. Do not fret, though, as Epic say “support for Android will be coming in the next few months.”

Fortnite mobile trailer

How can anyone possibly get a victory royale with only touch controls? In the Fortnite mobile trailer above we see snippets of someone doing exactly that. Shooters tend to be better suited to a mouse and keyboard, and we certainly had trouble adjusting.

And that is everything we know about Fortnite mobile. Let us know if you will be giving Fortnite Battle Royale the small screen treatment in the comments below.