Fortnite tells kids to stop playing in class thanks to a teacher’s request

fortnite mr hillman

Fortnite might just be the most popular game in the Western world these days, and it appears close to seizing a Minecraft-like status as a bonafide cultural phenomenon. That popularity has only intensified with the release of the mobile version of Battle Royale, and it’s started a new battle between kids and teachers over playing the game in class.

Here’s everything you need to know about Fortnite Mobile.

Now Fortnite Mobile has a loading screen message that reads “Mr. Hillman says stop playing in class.” That’s a nice enough PSA from Epic, but Mr. Hillman also happens to be a real-life teacher who took to the game’s subreddit to ask the developers for help.

Mr. Hillman’s Reddit post has since been deleted, but Polygon have preserved it for posterity: “First, I love your game. My friends from college and I play pretty much every night. One problem, since mobile came out my students won’t stop playing in class. Idk if it’s possible, but I told them I’d write you and they didn’t believe me. Could you add this to the loading screen for a couple days to mess with them? ‘Mr. Hillman says stop playing in class.’”

Epic, being the receptive developers that they are, got the message up with an impressively short turnaround.

Now if only we could get them to tell us what’s up with that comet.