Fortnite Play Your Way lets you earn free loot

Fortnite Play Your Way is an event for Epic's battle royale game that will allow players to earn themselves some fun rewards and cosmetics

Fortnite Play Your Way event is starting soon, and this image shows a few characters dancing.

Fortnite Play Your Way is here to make sure you can have some fun, earn some XP, and get your hands on some fun cosmetics too. While there are no Fortnite skins to unlock, you can earn plenty of other bits for one of the best battle royale games, and all you need to do is play the game.

The Play Your Way games come with their own little quests, and each of the six unique games has its own island code for you to use too. These events serve as a good chance to see just how impressive the Fortnite creative mode is, as we think it sets the standard for play-generated content across the board, although it would be nice if more people had the ability to publish their work.

Fortnite Play Your Way items in front of a rainbow backdrop.

The rewards are worth chasing down too. There are different variants of a skateboard back bling to collect, a special wrap, a rainbow-coloured hammer pickaxe, and a couple of loading screens too. It’s all fairly light-hearted, but that’s been a huge part of the appeal of Fortnite for a long time.

You can read the full blog post, complete with island codes, for all of the details, but the long and short of it is that you should try out some different modes and have a good time. It’s a nice chance to move away from the standard Fortnite map, and also feels as though the colour scheme makes it fit in quite nicely with the upcoming Rainbow Royale event as well.

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