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Fortnite Road Trip week 1: find a secret Battle Pass tier near Lazy Links

fortnite road trip week 1

Where is the Fortnite Road Trip week 1 Battle Pass tier? Fortnite season 5 has launched with a brand-new type of challenges called Road Trip challenges. Like the Blockbuster challenges before them, Fortnite Road Trip challenges require you to complete all Battle Pass challenges in a given week, which will reward you with a loading screen, this time featuring various characters from Season 5 out exploring in the new ATK vehicle. Look carefully at the Road Trip challenge loading screen however, and you’ll be able to spot a hidden Battle Pass tier worth ten stars.

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The Fortnite Road Trip week 1 loading screen has already been leaked courtesy of TwoEpicBuddies on Twitter, and sees a new Fortnite character being introduced to Cuddle Team Leader, Rex, and Brite Bomber – you can also see the new ATK vehicle and Durr Burger. More important is the map being held by Rex, which shows the Battle Pass sign between Lazy Links and Motel in a spot that’s commonly referred to as ‘umbrella mine’.

Hop into a game and make your way over to the location posted below to grab yourself an easy ten Battle Pass stars.

fortnite road trip week 1

Of course in order to actually see the new Battle Star you will need to have finished all of the Fortnite season 5 week 1 challenges. Once you’ve done that you should get the loading screen, which will trigger the Battle Pass tier to spawn in-game.

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