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Fortnite Road Trip week 2: find a secret Battle Pass tier on Lazy Links golf course

fortnite road trip week 2

Where is the Fortnite Road Trip week 2 Battle Pass tier? Fortnite season 5 has a brand-new type of challenge called Road Trip challenges. Like the Blockbuster challenges before them, Fortnite Road Trip challenges require you to complete all Battle Pass challenges in a given week, which will reward you with a loading screen. Just as it did last week, this features various characters from Season 5 out exploring in the new ATK vehicle. Look carefully at the Road Trip challenge loading screen however, and you’ll be able to spot a hidden Battle Pass tier worth ten stars.

If you want some more battle stars, here’s how to fully complete the Fortnite season 5 week 2 challenges.

The Fortnite Road Trip week 2 loading screen has already been leaked courtesy of TwoEpicBuddies on Twitter – along with the Fortnite Road Trip week 1 loading screen – and sees Drift and Brite Bomber living it up in the new vehicle on Lazy Links golf course. Just the right of Bomber’s hand giving the peace sign is the faint outline of the Battle Pass tier you’re looking for. Here’s how to find the Fortnite Road Trip week 2 Battle Pass tier.

Fortnite Road Trip week 2

fortnite road trip week 2 location

You can find the Fortnite Road Trip week 2 Battle Star on top of the large building to the north of Lazy Links resort. It’s the one with the green roof, but, remember, if you haven’t completed all the weekly challenges from at least two different weeks, the star will not appear for you. If you have, the star will appear at the very top of the building, and you’re a Battle Pass tier to the good. Whoever said golf was a good walk spoiled?

Of course, you want to know what that juicy new Battle Pass tier is going to get you, right? Above is a handy video with which you can see every bit of premium loot you can unlock as you toil away at the free progression system and the Battle Pass.