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Fortnite’s rocket launches tomorrow

fortnite rocket launch

Based on the teases so far, Fortnite’s next season to be heralded by the launch of rocket in the evil lair near Snobby Shores, and Epic wants to make sure you don’t miss the occasion. An in-game message has specified exactly when that rocket lifts off, and the event is coming very soon.

Specifically, it happens June 30 at 10:30 PDT / 13:30 EDT / 18:30 BST. Epic recommends you “get in-match on Saturday” by those times “and look to the sky. It only happens once!”

This week’s update seems to have paved the way for the rocket’s launch – and fall – with the remnants of a crashed rocket briefly appearing at Anarchy Acres, as captured in the video below. That appearance seems to have been a glitch, but it does indicate the rocket’s falling somewhere. Whether that somewhere is indeed Anarchy Acres remains to be seen.

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The rocket is launching soon, but it’ll likely be a bit longer before we find out what exactly it does. The Fortnite season 5 release date is scheduled for nearly two weeks from now, so the rocket probably won’t have an immediate catastrophic effect on the map, but it should make for a very pretty light show.

Here’s your preview of what that rocket landing might look like.

Epic, of course, has a bit more on its plate when it comes to Fortnite updates. Playground mode is still down for maintenance, and though Epic’s provided frequent updates on their efforts to restore it, there still isn’t a clear ETA for its return.