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Fortnite steps toward a practice mode with the Playground LTM

fortnite playground mode

A Fortnite practice mode has been among the top of community requests, and the Playground LTM looks to be the start of Epic’s answer to that demand. It’ll provide players with better loot, longer matches, and instant respawns will give you a better chance to practice your skills outside the typically harsh rules of battle royale.

Epic hasn’t specified exact numbers yet, but there will be “an extended period of time to roam around the map as well as increased resource generation.” You can expect all treasure chests and ammo crates to be spawned, as well as loads of llamas. Friendly fire will be turned on by default so you can get into some practice firefights with your squad. Of course, stats and challenges won’t be tracked in this mode.

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“This represents our initial step into what a creative mode looks like in Fortnite,” Epic says. “Practice, strategize and enjoy yourself. We can’t wait to see what you do!” The developers have detailed all this as part of a general update  on what’s coming in the future, so we don’t know when the new LTM is coming - just “soon.”

Tomorrow will see the launch of the Close Encounter LTM, which puts a big focus on the new jetpack item. Epic also says they’re looking at “your love for 50v50,” and the team is evaluating having a larger squad mode available for play at all times.

Epic’s also got plans for further server optimizations. The team’s implemented a boost from 20 Hz to 30 Hz tick rates, and they’re working on increasing the report rate of movement position to be more consistent even in the early parts of the match. They’re also working on reduced loading times and hitches.

Some more basic quality of life improvements on the way include in-game challenge progress notifications, in-world indications of your map markers, and a more impressive victory royale screen. Plus replay improvements heading into the upcoming Celebrity Pro-Am at E3 - which will, presumably, also be a big factor in the game’s impending esports push.

There’s lots more on the way for Fortnite, so it seems momentum for this speeding train isn’t easing up anytime soon.

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The DJ avatar
The DJ Avatar
3 Weeks ago

Why make it a LTM? If they want us to enjoy ourselves, just keep it. Everyone will love this more than anything else.