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Fortnite: score a basket on different hoops - all Fortnite basketball court locations detailed

fortnite score baskets hoops locations

Where can I score a basket on different hoops in Fortnite? Epic has certainly added a sporty twist to its island of death for season 5, and it is up to you to score a basket on different hoops if you want to get all the Battle Stars you can get for this week’s set of challenges.

Race tracks, tennis courts, and golf courses can be spotted everywhere this season, not only in the new desert area of Paradise Palms and the luxury resort of Lazy Links. But, that’s not all: you can also practise your b-ball skills. Much like the football goals of last season, you need to score enough Fortnite baskets to get five lovely Battle Stars – if you are tier 11 in the Battle Pass and you have unlocked the basketball that is. 

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If you want to complete all the Fortnite season 5 week 2 challenges, as well as your search between an oasis, rock archway, and dinosaurs, you are going to need to score a basket on different hoops. And, once you’re all done, don’t forget about the Fortnite Road Trip week 2 secret Battle Pass tier So, if you don’t know your layup from your free throw, we have valiantly tracked every Fortnite hoop location to make this challenge a slam dunk. Below you’ll find out where you can score a basket on different hoops in Fortnite.

Fortnite: score a basket on different hoops

fortnite score baskets locations

You need to score five Fortnite baskets to complete the challenge, but we have indicated all of them on the map above. Remember, you must be at least level 11 in the season 5 Battle Pass since that is when you unlock the basketball. Before you reach that point, you can at least pretend.