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Throw a portable deathtrap with Fortnite’s new Spiky Stadium

Fortnite's getting another new item in its latest patch, but the Spiky Stadium will only be available in Playground Mode


The latest Fortnite patch introduces not one, but two new items to the game. We already knew that the enormous Port-a-Fortress would be making its way to the game this week, but it’ll be accompanied by another item – the Spiky Stadium.

According to Epic’s latest patch notes, the Spiky Stadium seems to work in a similar way to something like the Port-a-Fort. Throw it somewhere on the ground, and where it lands, it’ll spring open, up to its full size. In this instance, that means a box, two panels high, seven wide, and 11 long. Lining the walls of that box will be a collection of bounce pads and spike traps, promising quite a few chaotic impalings.

There is, however, something of a catch, in that the Spiky Stadium will only be available in Playground mode, Fortnite’s more sandbox-y alternative to Battle Royale. That’s probably just as well, as for one thing, I can’t see a situation in which this is actually useful against enemy players – any sensible person would just build out of the stadium to safety.

Playground exclusivity is interesting, as I can’t think of any other item that can only be found in a particular mode. Spiky Stadium should, however, still offer some fun when you get hold of it, although Epic aren’t exactly sure what that fun will be. In their patch notes, they say that once the stadium appears, it’ll be “ready to go for any mini-game your squad can think up.” Rest assured, I don’t think Spiky Stadium will be making it into competitive Battle Royale any time soon.

The new item will arrive in today’s Fortnite patch 5.41, along with the frankly massive Port-a-Fortress. That should give you a few days to play around in it before Fortnite Season 6 arrives – you can find the new item in Playground mode’s red Supply drops (along with a whole bunch of Impulse Grenades, for even more chaos).