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Fortnite week 3 challenges: Lonely Lodge chests, Fortnite Rubber Duckies, and the Salty Springs treasure map

fortnite week 2 challenges

What are the Fortnite week 3 challenges? Another week means another set of challenges in Fortnite season 4, so you have more tasks and more tiers through which to progress.

The Fortnite week 3 challenges all look simple enough, although you will have to do a little more searching the map than last time around. That’s in part to some mysterious rubber ducks, and a Salty Springs treasure map, as well as hunting through Lonely Lodge for seven chests. That said, there are some pretty easy challenges to complete as well.

You only need to finish four of these challenges to unlock a hefty five thousand experince points but, if you complete them all, you are one step closer to completing your Blockbuster challenges (remember – completing those gives you access to bonus battle stars if you know where to look). If you haven’t got round to completing the Fortnite week 1 challenges or Fortnite week 2 challenges though, don’t worry: they are still live and can be finished. Here’s what they are this week and how to complete them.

Fortnite week 3 challenges

  • Watch a match replay– 5 stars
    • Not only is this about the easiest challenge you’ll ever have to complete, it also offers an opportunity to stroke your ego after a good game. To complete this challenge, just open the in-client ‘Career’ tab, head to ‘Replays’, and boot up any file that takes your fancy.
  • Search Chests in Lonely Lodge– 5 stars
    • You should be used to these by now, but here it is anyway – to complete this challenge, head to Lonely Lodge on the map’s Eastern coast, and listen out for those chests. Check the lookout tower and camping store to get started – you’ll need to open seven chests to complete this challenge.
  • Deal damage with pistols to opponents 0/500– 5 stars
    • Since past challenges have asked for 1000, 500 damage is relatively manageable. Pistols might not be the easiest to get kills with, but the damage you do stacks, so you can die as many times as you need to complete this Fortnite week 3 challenge.
  • Search Rubber Duckies– 5 stars
    • Fortnite’s Rubber Duckies can be found in the following locations – just listen out for some quacking and you’ll get ’em:
      • North East of Anarchy Acres on a platform below the waterfall.
      • Fatal Fields – north east, near a little stream.
      • Metal Bridge – under the bridge connecting Lucky Landing and Flush Factory, the Rubber Ducky is by the overturned ice cream truck.
      • Lonely Lodge – north of the ‘L’ in ‘Lodge’.
      • Loot Lake – next to one of the boats at the centre of the pier.
      • Lucky Landing – near the edge of the waterfall to the west of Lucky Landing.
      • Retail Row – go to one of the houses towards the north west, just above the ‘T’ in ‘Retail’. Suitably, it’s in the bath.
      • Retail Row – go south east and it’s sitting by the metal grated fence.
      • Snobby Shores – this Fortnite Rubber Ducky is taking a dip in the pool.
      • Prison – in swampy water south of Prison and south west of Moisty Mire.
      • Tilted Towers – north east of Tilted, this ducky is by the edge of a waterfall.
  • Follow the treasure map found in Salty Springs– 10 stars
    • To find the battle star revealed by the Salty Springs treasure map, go to quadrant J7 on the map and the biggest tree on the left of the race track is where you can hoover up those ten juicy battle stars.
  • Sniper Rifle Eliminations– 10 stars
    • You’ll need to use either a Hunting Rifle, Bolt-Action, or Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle to get the two kills necessary to complete this challenge. If you haven’t dealt the damage you needed to complete the Week 1 challenge, this should be an added incentive.
  • Eliminate opponents in Tilted Towers– 10 stars
    • This shouldn’t be too hard. Tilted Towers is your kill zone this week, so drop as fast as you can, grab a gun, and get three kills to earn ten battle stars.