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Fortnite week 2 challenges: Fortnite film cameras, Greasy Grove chests, and search between a Scarecrow, Pink Hotrod, and a Big Screen

fortnite week 2 challenges

What are the Fortnite week 2 challenges? Another week means another set of challenges in Fortnite season 4, so you have more tasks and more tiers through which to progress.

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The Fortnite week 2 challenges to close out the first fortnight of season 4 look simple enough. That said, one of the ‘hard’ challenges that award ten rather than five battle stars looks more than a little cryptic.

You only need to finish four of these challenges to unlock a hefty five thousand experince points but, if you complete them all, you are one step closer to completing your Blockbuster challenges. If you haven’t got round to completing the Fortnite week 1 challenges,don’t worry: they are still live and can be finished. Here’s what they are this week and how to complete them.

Fortnite week 2 challenges

  • Search chests in Greasy Grove 0/7 – 5 stars
    • Head over to the south west of the map to tick off this simple challenge. Hoover up that loot in Fortnite’s fast food-flavoured area for some tasty battle stars.
  • Consume Hop Rocks 0/7 – 5 stars
    • Another simple one to get you started. These sci-fi stones are found in the craters that are scattered across the map after the meteors landed at the start of season 4. Most will be found in the newly destroyed Dusty Divot, so land there and you’ll finish this one in no time.
  • Deal damage with suppressed weapons to opponents 0/500 – 5 stars
    • Since past challenges have asked for 1000, 500 damage is relatively manageable. Suppressed weapons might not be the easiest to get kills with, but the damage you do stacks, so you can die as many times as you need to complete this Fortnite week 2 challenge.
  • Dance in front of film cameras 0/7 – 5 stars
    • Fitting the B-movie superhero theme for this season, film cameras can now be found dotted across the map. Find these cameras using this handy Fortnite Intel map and dance in front of them to complete this challenge. Superhero skins are optional, but strongly recommended.
  • Search between a Scarecrow, Pink Hotrod, and a Big Screen 0/1 – 10 stars
    • Start this challenge by landing near Fortnite’s newest drive-in-themed area, Risky Reels. In between the Big Screen (in RR to the south), Pink Hotrod car (just north of RR), and the Scarecrow (just east of RR) is where the golden treasure will appear.
  • Explosive weapon eliminations 0/3 – 10 stars
    • Get ready for some fireworks with this Fortnite week 2 challenge. Using explosive weapons such as grenades, remote explosives, grenade launchers, clingers, and rocket launchers, you need to get three kills to get these ten battle stars. If you’re not so handy with them, you can knock players with your standard boomsticks and then eliminate them with explosives.
  • Eliminate opponents in Tomato Town 0/3 – 10 stars
    • The usually whimsical idyll that is Tomato Town has become your theatre of war this week. Get three kills in this north eastern location to claim your prize of ten battle stars.

And that’s how to beat the Fortnite week 2 challenges. Let us know how you get on with them in the comments below.