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Fortnite season 5 week 4 challenges - how to complete the latest Fortnite challenges

The Fortnite Season 5 week 4 challenges are live now, so here's how to earn those bonus battle stars.

What are the Fortnite week 4 challenges? Here are the latest Fortnite challenges and how to complete them, to help you earn those sweet, sweet Battle Stars (and that nice bonus XP, too).

We’re approaching the Fortnite Season 5 halfway point, so this should all be more or less routine at this point. As usual, there are three free challenges that anyone can complete, as well as four Battle Pass challenges that you can only access if you’ve bought into Epic’s cosmetic system. There are, of course, still four normal challenges and three ‘hard’ challenges for you to get your teeth into.

The Fortnite season 5 week 4 challenges should drop tomorrow afternoon for Europe, or earlier in the day if you’re based in the US. If you’re behind on the previous weeks’ challenges, you can check out the Fortnite week 1 challengesFortnite week 2 challenges, and Fortnite week 3 challenges. Even if you have completed them, you might also be interested in the whereabouts of the Fortnite Road Trip Battle Stars.

Fortnite week 4 challenges – free

Build structures (250) – 5

If you can’t manage this one by now, then maybe Fortnite isn’t the game for you. Build 250 ramps, walls, or floors, using any material you like.

Jump through flaming hoops with a shopping cart or ATK (5) – 5

We don’t know where the Fortnite flaming hoop locations are just yet, but we’ll update when we’ve found them all. Until then, it might be worth figuring out where you can find the Fortnite vehicles. Shopping Carts tend to spawn around Loot Lake, Greasy Grove, Lucky Landing, and Retail Row. If you’re after an ATK, your best bets are Snobby Shores, Lazy Links, and Paradise Palms.

Eliminate opponents in Dusty Divot (3) – 10

Dusty Divot, right in the centre of the map, is your dedicated kill-zone this week. Drop as fast as you can and blast away three enemies to complete the challenge.

Fortnite week 4 challenges – Battle Pass

Deal Damage with Sniper Rifle to opponents (500) – 5

You don’t actually need to kill anyone to complete this, just damage them. Grab any sniper-style weapon (Hunting Rifle, Semi-Automatic, or Bolt-Action) and deal 500 damage to complete this challenge.

Search chests in Flush Factory (7) – 5

You can find Flush Factory right on Fortnite’s south coast. Drop quickly, and remember to search the lorries and containers in the factory car park to help pick up some extra chests.

Search between a gas station, soccer pitch, and Stunt Mountain (1) – 10

We don’t know exactly where to search between a gas station, soccer pitch, and Stunt Mountain in order to complete this challenge, but we can have a good guess. Stunt Mountain can be found directly south of Pleasant Park – a location where there just happens to be a soccer pitch. Finishing off the triangle is the nearby gas station, so you should be able to find the star at the bottom of the east side of the hill in grid square C4.

Pistol Eliminations (3) – 10

This one’s pretty tricky, but at least there are plenty of pistols to choose from. Grab a Revolver, Handcannon, Suppressed Pistol, or even just the classic Pistol, and then eliminate three opponents in order to complete this challenge.

The challenges haven’t gone live yet, of course (they should be available from tomorrow morning). It’s worth bearing in mind that some of these challenges could be subject to change before then, but we’ll change the information in this article if that is the case.