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Driving cars in Fortnite: how the new Fortnite vehicles work

The Chapter 2 Season 3 trailer shows players battling it out from cars, Mad Max-style, so how do you drive them?

How to drive cars in Fortnite

The new Fortnite season is finally out after several delays and it would appear that the leaks are absolutely spot on – the map has been flooded leaving about half of the battle royale island underwater. Drivable cars are among the many delights Epic Games is adding to the game according to the Chapter 2 Season 3 trailer, but how do you drive cars in Fortnite?

Unfortunately, it would appear that this feature isn’t currently available in the game and may not be for a few weeks. With half of the map currently traversable by water – whether that’s by hooking a shark and catching a ride, using whirlpools, or grabbing a boat – the rest of the map doesn’t really need vehicles to get around.

However, a number of prominent Fortnite leakers claim that the water lever will reduce as the season progresses, revealing more of the map, and crucially, making drivable cars a necessity for getting about. Plus, they look like a lot of fun for high-speed battles.

As for when you can expect to drive these cars in Fortnite, there’s no exact date, but there are at least eight stages to the water receding, so it could be a while to wait.

The standard season length is always listed as about ten weeks, so if cars are coming then our best guess is that we’ll see them introduced about halfway through the season, after the water has gone down a little bit. This is confirmed on the Epic Games page for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3, which says “as time goes on and water recedes, even more locations will be uncovered. And as the roadways become more open, you’ll discover new ways to get around”.

We’ll update this page as soon as we know more about driving cars in Fortnite, but for now keep an eye on the water level.

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