Fortnite: visit a memorial cube in the desert or by a lake

Another week, another challenge, and another Battle Star - here’s where to find the memorial cube in the desert and by the lake

Where in Fortnite do you go to visit a memorial to a cube? Thanks to the hint in the title we know it’s either in the desert or by a lake. Don’t knock it, as it stops us searching half the map in vain, and we can whittle down our search time by some bit.

The reason we’re doing this, of course, is because it’s the weekly refresh for Fortnite Season 10 challenges. Another slice of luck falls our way, too, as we don’t need any specific Fortnite skins or cosmetics to complete this, just a keen eye. It’s not uncommon for a Fortnite challenge to require you to bust out a particular emote in one spot, or to have a specific glider, after all.

Thankfully, while two memorial cubes are mentioned here, we only need to visit the one to complete this challenge. Because we’re friendly, we’ll show you where they both are. It may be wise to see what flight path the Battle Bus takes and then float on down to the furthest one to avoid getting blasted in the face with a shotgun. On that note, here’s where in Fortnite to visit a memorial cube in the desert or by a lake.

This part is up to you, but while you’re twiddling your thumbs in the waiting area, you can get your map out and set a point in the desert or by the lake to point you in the right direction – you can see where exactly in the map below. But as we’ve said previously, you may want to react to the flight path of the Battle Bus.

First off, let’s head to the desert area between Paradise Palms and Fatal Fields. If you’re struggling, it’s at the foot of a small mountain. You’ll know it when you see it as it’s a statue of a cube with a plaque in front of it.


Next up, we’re heading over to Loot Lake. More specifically, we want to go to the small island that’s just south-west of Loot Lake, where we’ll find another memorial cube just like the one near Paradise Palms.

And there you have it, folks, where in Fortnite to visit a memorial cube in the desert or by a lake. As we’ve said previously, you only have to visit one of them, and, now that you know where they both are, it should be a doddle.