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Fortnite motel and RV park location: where to search chests or ammo boxes at a motel or RV park - Overtime challenges

Unsure of where to find the motel or the RV park in Fortnite so you can find some chests and ammo boxes? We're here to help

Fortnite motel rv park location overtime challenges

Where is the motel or RV park in Fortnite? If you’ve finished all of your weekly tasks for season 7, you’ve got even more missions to consume your time in Epic’s battle royale game in the shape of Overtime challenges. These new quests run all the way up to the Fortnite season 8 release date of February 28, and the challenges start with searching chests or ammo boxes at a motel in Fortnite.

This all comes as part of the Fortnite Share the Love event that introduces the new challenges with a new tournament and the ‘Featured Island Frenzy’ Creative mode promotion. The most important thing for Battle Pass owners, however, is that we have an extra two weekends of double XP to make sure we get all the goodies from the seventh season’s premium progression system.

But, by searching chests and ammo boxes at a Fortnite motel or RV park, you can bolster your inventory with Valentine’s Day-themed cosmetics and even get a free Battle Pass for next time. By finishing the special seasonal challenges you’ll bag yourself the Valentine’s Wrap and Vines contrail. If you have a significant other to spend this lovey-dovey time with, make sure you share, ok? Anyway here’s where to search seven chests or ammo boxes at a motel or RV park in Fortnite.

Fortnite motel and RV park location

Let’s start with the Fortnite motel. You can find this rundown accommodation west of Lazy Links and north-east of Pleasant Park. It’s not a named area, but it should be fairly tough to miss. Elsewhere, the RV park is between Lonely Lodge, Retail Row, and the Paradise Palms race track. If you’re still stuck, we have a map and screenshots below to make it even clearer.

Fortnite motel rv park location map

Then all you have to do is golden chests and ammo boxes. The chests are golden and make a loud twinkling sound, but the small green ammo boxes are harder to spot. Once you’re sure there are no more enemies lurking around, all you need to do is find seven of either; it doesn’t matter if that’s seven chests or ammo boxes or a mix. There are seven chest spawn chances at the motel, and eight at the RV park, but if you drop at either enough times, this Fortnite Overtime challenge should be a cinch.

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And there you go, that’s where to find the Fortnite motel and RV park locations. While you’re here, check out how to get a score of 5 or more in the Fortnite Wailing Woods Shooting Gallery, plus the Retail Row Shooting Gallery, and the Paradise Palms Shooting Gallery. In the meantime, we join you in counting down the days to season 8.