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New Fortnite weapon is a tweaked DMR perfect for chapter 3 season 4

This new Fortnite weapon should be ideal for players who like to shoot from a distance, but prefer hitting a lot in the battle royale game to one-shot kills

Fortnite new gun for chapter 3 season 4 is a DMR: This image shows a lot of Fortnite characters with guns.

A new Fortnite weapon is an exciting time, and because the battle royale game updates so regularly, we get to enjoy this feeling fairly regularly. If you’re in the market for a game that’s always evolving, then Fortnite has you covered, because literally everything changes all the time.

While a lot of people will still be getting used to the likes of the EvoChrome weapons, that doesn’t mean we won’t be getting more new weapons soon according to leaks. The leaks are treating us Fortnite fans well this week, with the Fortnite map changes coming out yesterday, and today brings us an upcoming Fortnite weapon that looks interesting.

Rather than being an entirely new weapon, which is admittedly getting far harder to do as the game goes on, this is a tweak to the DMR, which a lot of players like to use to take out enemies from far away. As a semi-automatic ranged weapon, the DMR is great for players who like ranged combat, but can’t guarantee hitting that first shot, and it looks as though this new variant will be even faster.

HypeX tweeted out that the damage for the “Cobra DMR” will be lower than a standard one, but it’ll have double the magazine size and a faster firing rate, which should let people hit more shots. You’ll need to contend with a longer reload time and a slightly worse recoil pattern though, but as long as you don’t mind that, this could be a great weapon for ranged combat, especially against multiple opponents thanks to the large clip size.

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