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Fortnite map leaks show a lot of changes in chapter 3 season 4

The Fortnite map is usually in a constant state of flux, but Epic's battle royale game could be taking to the skies in chapter 3 season 4

Fortnite map leaks have appeared. This image shows the Chrome threatening to engulf three Fortnite characters.

The Fortnite map this season is incredible. Chapter 3 season 4 is replete with wonderful little quirks like floating points of interest, and the unsettling Chrome assimilation that’ll no doubt engulf the island by the end of the season. It’s not surprising that things will be changing more, but it’s always nice to have some idea how.

As with the map changing, the main thing you can count on in this battle royale game is some leaks. There are plenty of good places to check when wanting to know what’s coming up, and it’s because of those that we’ve already seen the new Iron Man Zero suit crossover skin.

The map leaks are a little less concrete, but only because we’re not sure exactly when they’ll actually be coming into play. The main takeaways are that the island itself is in a lot of danger, which could suggest something big coming up beyond the usual map changes. We know that this is the case because more POIs will be taking to the sky, and the Chrome will continue to spread.

HypeX handily collates the upcoming changes and suggests that they’re “probably” for the next major update. A few other things will also be moving around the map too. The Pirate Ship should be sailing about, but so will the Tilted Towers’ No Sweat building. It doesn’t have to make sense to make for a great battle royale map.

As more places do start flying, it might mean that we get rideable flying animals soon. You’ll still need help grabbing the Fortnite keys for the vaults though, and while you’re at it, go ahead and check out the Fortnite Rally Reboot challenges for some free loot.