Fortnite EvoChrome weapons: How to evolve the new shotgun and rifle

The Fortnite EvoChrome weapons, a Shotgun and Burst Rifle, bring a whole new mechanic to combat, allowing you to upgrade the weapons as you fight

Fortnite EvoChrome weapons: Shotgun

Fortnite EvoChrome weapons introduce players to a brand new mechanic, which involves upgrading weapon rarity through combat. Usually, as in most multiplayer battle royale games, players will spend the match hunting down a better loadout from ground loot, chests or kills. Now, pick up an EvoChrome shotgun or rifle and you could level it up to legendary by the time you take that W.

Fortnite weapons and items can be found in five standard rarities: Uncommon (grey), Common (green), Rare (blue), Epic (purple), and Legendary (gold), with Mythic and Exotic above that. Usually, you have to find weapons of increased rarity, and in previous seasons you could pay to level up your weapons at upgrade benches, but EvoChrome weapons – available as a shotgun and a burst assault rifle – make the process easier by rewarding skill in combat.

Fortnite EvoChrome weapons: Burst Rifle

How to evolve EvoChrome weapons

When you equip an EvoChrome Shotgun or EvoChrome Burst Rifle, a new bar appears to the left of your loadout. This bar fills when you deal damage to opponents with that weapon, and the gun then evolves each time it is completely filled. You can use this to level up your weapon all the way from Uncommon to Mythic – if you live long enough. Each EvoChrome weapon in your loadout will have its own progress, as will any you pick up from the ground, so you’ll keep someone else’s progress if you take them out.

A great way of levelling up your weapons as you cover this season’s new Fortnite map is by killing wildlife, as these count as opponents in-game. This damage won’t level your weapons up as quickly as other players’ spilled blood, but it’s a worthwhile way to boost your progress. The same goes for NPCs, including The Herald, but be careful you don’t needlessly end up back in the Battle Bus.

Where to find EvoChrome weapons

These new Fortnite EvoChrome weapons can be found anywhere on the map, in chests or as floor loot, but they aren’t particularly common. The best place to go looking for EvoChrome weapons is in Chrome Chests, which are effectively the same as normal chests, only they have a Chrome appearance and appear in chromed buildings or areas.

EvoChrome weapons – and Chrome Splash – are all instantly recognisable from a unique colourful aura that appears above them when on the ground.

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Some new Fortnite quests, including Paradise quests and weekly quests, require you to level up the new EvoChrome weapons, and now you should have no trouble doing so. If you’re still getting to grips with the other new mechanics this season, we’ve got you covered on Fortnite Chrome, as well as how to get Fortnite keys and use them to unlock vaults.