Fortnite players get free refunds because the Terminator skin didn’t come with an emote

If you say 'hasta la vista' to the skin you'll get your money back without using up a refund token

If you’ve looked at the Fortnite item shop lately, you probably know that the Terminator (yes, the Terminator) and Sarah Connor are now available as Fortnite skins. An early version of the announcement of the new crossover suggested that the Terminator would come with a built-in emote. It doesn’t! So Epic’s giving out free refunds instead.

With the Cyberdyne Salute emote, your character gives a thumbs up, then their arm bursts into flames – you know, just like the end of Terminator 2. It’s 300 Fortnite V-Bucks in the item shop and, importantly, not just a built-in emote for the T-800 skin, despite initially being announced as such.

“If you purchased the T-800 outfit and are no longer satisfied with your purchase,” Epic says in an update to that initial announcement blog, “you will be able to make a refund using the in-game flow (no refund token required) starting next week. Be on the lookout for an in-game notification when it’s available. Thanks for playing!”

That update was made just before the weekend, but those free refunds aren’t live just yet. You can refund the Terminator using a refund token, but if you want to save those tokens for something else, just hold tight for a bit for the free returns to go live.

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Epic has been pretty proactive about offering free refunds to Fortnite players for even minor skin changes, like when the NFL skin for the Washington Football Team had to undergo a sudden name and branding change this year.