Fortnite easter egg hints at a Stranger Things crossover

Stranger Things have happened

Stranger Things appears to be Fortnite’s latest pop culture crossover, as an easter egg in the new Season 9 map is a very direct reference to the show’s upcoming third season. After another Avengers event and hints toward a John Wick event, there’s apparently no limit to Fortnite’s crossover potential, and a proper trip to Hawkins, Indiana wouldn’t be out of line.

The new Mega Mall – which replaced Retail Row – features a retro ice cream parlor called ‘Scoops Ahoy,’ as Fortnite News notes. If you’ve seen the Stranger Things 3 trailer (or last year’s Starcourt Mall teaser), that’ll look pretty familiar, since it’s the same shop where the occasional bad boy Steve Harrington works.

Decor in the shop is a perfect match for what we’ve seen from those teasers, so this isn’t just a coincidental bit of retail naming. John Wick’s house also hit the map in this update, and datamined files suggest that Fortnite will get a new event featuring the assassin – this store could be a teaser for something similar with Stranger Things.

Stranger Things 3 will launch on July 4, which will be during the duration of Fortnite Season 9.

You can see some footage of the digital Scoops Ahoy above.

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More than one Stranger Things game got cancelled at Telltale, and though the show has gotten some smaller adaptations built with appropriate 80s nostalgia, there’s never been a big-scale Stranger Things game. A Fortnite crossover might be as close as we’re getting for the foreseeable future.