The Fortnite Two-Shot Shotgun just got a big buff

Fortnite's Two-Shot Shotgun is loved by some and loathed by others but either way it's just gotten a fair bit stronger thanks to a buff

A picture of a Fortnite character lifting two two-shot shotguns with two Meowsculars beside them

The Fortnite Two-Shot Shotgun is one of three weapons that have just had some major tweaks to how they work. We all expect to see Fortnite weapons changing over time just like in any live game, even if only visually, but the tweak to Season 3’s new shotgun could be a big one.

As noted by HypeX, three major Fortnite guns just received changes – the Striker Pump shotgun, the Two-Shot, and the Burst AR. The Striker Pump had its damage reduced by 12 at every rarity, the Burst AR now loses damage the further away the target is, and the Two-Shot’s second shot now fires 50% faster than before. Now, the general consensus on the Two-Shot isn’t what you could call good, but this buff could certainly improve players’ opinion.

Overall, the difference this makes to the weapon’s fire rate is only raising it from 1.49 to 1.55 shots a second, but if you only need to hit with the weapon in a single two-shot burst, then the increase in firing speed could be sizeable. The slow-firing shotgun’s still unlikely to rank as anyone’s favourite weapon, but the buff should mean it works wonders as a tool for finishing off weaker players, even at lower rarities.

It’s intriguing to see the Striker Pump shotgun nerfed here as well. It seems likely that Epic is trying to even out the shotgun playing field a little because if players are only ever seeking one weapon out, it makes for a less varied match. It’s also strange that the Burst AR is being nerfed at range. Presumably, that’s because they want us to be using the likes of the new DMR or other long-range weapons instead of an assault rifle to snipe other players.

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