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The Fortnite Ripsaw Launcher has some excellent hidden uses

The Fortnite Ripsaw Launcher is a huge amount of fun to use to tear down buildings or enemies but it turns out it's good for more than just destruction

A Fortnite character riding the Fortnite Ripsaw Launcher

Epic’s battle royale game has a huge array of weapons that can often be used for more than just taking out other players – as is the case with the new Fortnite Ripsaw Launcher, which players are discovering some inventive uses for.

Sure, sometimes it’s just about looking cool while taking out someone shooting at you while wreathed in lightning as Thor, but creativity with Fortnite’s weapons is often key – as found in the aptly-named Creative mode, where players messing around with the new Ripsaw Launcher have discovered you can do a lot more with it than just destroy stuff.

For example, you can, if you’re able to get the timing just right, actually ride it forwards until the projectile breaks as Redditor Caelum124 shows. This makes for some very fun traversal and could be one heck of a surprise for enemy players too.

You can also use with the ripsaw projectile in other ways, too, like playing ping pong with it. Caelum124 also uploaded a video of them playing with a friend and hitting the saw back and forth, with extra fun coming from timing a melee attack just right. It’s not the most complex sports game in the world, but it’s fun and involves messing with deadly projectiles, and that’s what Fortnite Creative is about.

🪚 You can RIDE the RIPSAW! 🪚 from FortniteCreative

After all, it’s this mode where you find people building maps that you can swing around as Spider-Man, for example. The Creative mode is constantly getting new tweaks too, like the new Item Placer device, which is helping players to create more immersive worlds. It’s a good job the Fortnite community is so inventive, really.

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In other news, we could be getting some fun new ways to customise weapons if this leak is anything to go by.