Fortnite: where to visit an oversized phone, big piano, and giant dancing fish trophy

Here are the three locations you need to visit for your one of your week 2 Fortnite challenges

fortnite fish trophy on wall

Looking to rack up some additional progress on your Fortnite season 9 Battle Pass? The Fortnite season 9 Battle Pass is loaded with shiny cosmetics for you to get your hands on, but to do so you’ll need to stay on top of your weekly challenges and Fortnite Fortbytes. This week you’re tasked with visiting three obscure locales as part of the season 9 week 2 challenges: an oversized phone, big piano, and giant dancing fish trophy.

So where can you find all of these secluded spots on the Battle Royale map? We’ve jumped into a few games to track down each of these cryptic clues, marked them on a handy week 2 challenges map, and posted it all below so you can sprint through the challenge in no time and get back to what really matters, trying to be your personal max eliminations score.

Best of all, if you’re quick about it and can escape any scrapes you find yourself in, you can potentially reach all three locations in a single match, making this a relatively painless challenge to tick off.

Visit an oversized phone, big piano, and giant dancing fish trophy map

If you just need the map markers and no nonsense then below you’ll find a handy map showing the three locations to visit. Simply mark down on your in-game map as you visit each spot and you’ll be done in no time.

giant fish trophy map

However, as we like to be helpful here at PCGN, we’ve also got images of each spot and description of the surroundings to help you in case you get stuck.

fortnite oversized phone snowy hill

Fortnite oversized phone

You’ll find this on a snowy hill west of Fatal Fields, surrounded by a few trees. You might even recognise it from a Fortnite season 8 challenge.


Fortnite big piano

On the eastern edge of the map you’ll find a mansion – north of the desert biome, and south of the volcano. Head there and then go a little north along the coast and you should spy this massive Fortnite piano.

fish trophy in roof in fortnite

Fortnite giant dancing fish trophy

This one is much trickier as this location has moved since season 8. When Retail Row was destroyed the fish trophy moved to a nearby cluster of houses. Head to the marker and look for a house with a hole in its roof. Go inside and you’ll spot the trophy in the staircase.

And that’s it, all the locations you need to visit for this tricky season 9 week 2 challenge. You shouldn’t have any problems completing this over a couple of matches, but as ever, keep your wits about you and hopefully you’ll be on your way to unlocking some new Fortnite skins. Once you’re done collecting Battle Pass tiers you can also check out the new John Wick’s Bounty LTM.