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Fortnite Fortbytes locations: how to get every puzzle piece so far

You’ll need to grab 100 of these computer chips over the course of Fortnite season 9, here’s where to find them

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Looking for a full list of all Fortnite Fortbytes locations? Fortnite season 9 is live and brings with it a fresh suite of challenges for players to dive into in order to progress through their battle passes and unlock neat new Fortnite skins. Of course you’ll still be able to chase those weekly challenges, but on top of that you’ll also be able to collect a total of 100 Fortbytes over the course of the season.

Fortnite Fortbytes are little computer chips hidden throughout the world that you can find using clues. These will spawn in set locations rather than randomly around the map though, so we’ll be compiling a complete list of every single Fortbyte location as new ones spring up across battle royale island. Each Fortbyte will also tell part of the story of season 9, so if you love your Fortnite lore you’ll want to track all of these down.

Thanks to the season 9 trailer and some diligent dataminers we already have a few locations to point out for you, here are all the Fortbyte locations we’ve found so far:

Fortnite Fortbytes locations

There are plenty of puzzle pieces to collect, so below you can find a video on how to find numbers 81 and 17.

Prolific Fortnite dataminer Lucas7yoshi has dug up the full list of challenges, in case you’re curious. For now, we’ll stick to updating our list as soon as we have solid confirmation of the each Fortbyte, its clue, and its number.

That’s all we have so far, but check back regularly as we’ll be updating the guide with fresh information as soon as we find more of these throughout the world.