The Gadget Show Live showcases a slew of games and tech in April, including Transformers Universe

Transformers Universe at the Gadget Show Live

Attendees at the Gadget Show Live 2014 will be able to check out Jagex’s MOBA/MOTA, Transformers Universe months before it launches in the Summer. The consumer tech event takes place between April 9th and 13th at the Birmingham NEC and will host over 200 exhibitors showcasing technology and games. 

Transformers Universe pits the Autobots and Decepticons against each other in competitive multiplayer clashes. Jagex released the first two bot warriors, Meltdown and Duststorm recently, and we’ll have an interview with David Nicholson, VP of Transformers Universe, up later this week. So keep your eyes peeled for that.

On top of Transformers Universe, Titanfall will also be shown off, though lamentably only on Xbox One. Visitors will be able to battle each other for prizes in the Tournament Zone, where they’ll be able to try out the Platronics RIG headset and mixer while competing.

Are any of you lovely folk going to be in Birmingham next month? You can grab tickets for the event here.