Design a faction for Galactic Civilizations III for profit and fame

Galactic Civilizations III faction contest

Now that Galactic Civilizations III has custom factions — added in the recent beta 5 update — Stardock wants to get players to stretch their alien-making creative muscles with a competition. Design your own faction, enter it into the Faction Design Contest, and maybe you’ll end up seeing it in the finished game and net $1,000 in the process. 

You can use the in-game editor to make your faction, just as you would when designing one to play, where you can select racial traits, the government type, what their ships look like and, importantly, what the race itself looks like. Then you can add some flavour like a race biography.

If you want to do more than the in-game tools allow and really jump down the rabbit hole, then you can make a custom faction mod instead. You’ll be able to add your own art and edit existing assets to make your faction properly unique. It’s a bit more complicated than using the in-game editor, but Stardock’s put together a tutorial to get you started.

Submissions must be in by April 29th, and after that, Stardock will pick their eight favourites which will then be featured on the main site for the community to vote on. The faction with the most votes will be included in the game as a minor faction, and the creator will get $1,000.

Have you lovely lot got any winning ideas for a new faction?