New Steam management sim Galacticare takes Two Point Hospital to space

Galacticare is a new space hospital management game on Steam reminiscent of Two Point Hospital that takes the strategy game concept to an interstellar setting.

Galacticare - an alien doctor operates a medical robot with six legs and two arms as it prepares to work on a patient

If you love hospital management games like Two Point Hospital and Theme Hospital, but wish that you could launch your care centres into space to tackle the troubles of caring for intergalactic alien species, then we’ve got great news for you. New to Steam and GOG, sci-fi management sim Galacticare arrives this year and promises exactly that in its reveal trailer.

Galacticare sees you take on a directorial role at the eponymous Galacticare – a “pioneering, interstellar hospital franchise that, in a first for the 23rd Century, cures more than it kills!” This cartoony, colourful sci-fi world is unfortunately far from a utopia, as it’s still packed with all manner of diseases, illnesses, and ailments that you’ll have to handle.

With seven distinct species to treat, you’ll have quite a lot on your plate. After all, each alien type has its own unique attributes, meaning that what might work for one species may be ineffective on another. Fortunately, you’ll be able to fully customise your hospital’s layout and design to suit your needs – deciding where to construct rooms and place equipment – and hire the best staff you can find from across the galaxy.

It’s not just the patients that you’ll have to worry about, though – who knows what potential disasters might occur when you’re tasked with running a hospital in a space prison, one orbiting a volcanic planet, or one in close proximity to a deep-space graveyard? After all, few things really make management sims stand out quite like attempting to make the most out of a disastrous situation.

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As a huge fan of the likes of Two Point Hospital, I’m very eager to see what developer Brightrock Games can bring to the genre. The space setting is certainly a fun way to add a new dimension to proceedings, and opens up almost limitless potential for weird and wonderful ailments. The reveal trailer is packed with ludicrous, hilarious animations, too, so it already looks to be bringing that light-hearted approach you need when dealing with an otherwise potentially grim subject such as this.

Galacticare is set to launch in 2023 on Steam and GOG, along with console releases on Xbox and PlayStation. You can wishlist it now via Steam.

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