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Two Point Hospital has a major rival as new management sim hits Steam

Galacticare is what you’d get if you took Two Point Hospital into space, and the intergalactic medical management game is out now on Steam.

New Steam space hospital management sim Galacticare is out now - A purple-skinned alien smiles.

Two Point Hospital was just about everything I wanted from a revival of the classic Bullfrog days of Theme Park and Theme Hospital. It maintained everything that made those old games so special, and yet introduced a complete freshening up across the board so that it all felt new again. But where do we go from there? Developer Brightrock Games has the answer, taking the hospital sim into space with new management game Galacticare, which has just launched on Steam.

As the director of the eponymous Galacticare organization, it’s your job to take care of the interstellar healthcare needs of all manner of humans and aliens alike in this delightfully charming management game. That means you’ll need all the latest technology, a wide range of doctors and consultants with the correct specialities to handle everyone that walks, slides, or floats through your doors, and enough facilities to keep everyone content while they wait to be seen.

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Much like Two Point before it, Galacticare transforms what might traditionally be a rather downbeat setup into a whimsical, silly simulation. You’ll encounter all manner of weird and wonderful illnesses and a cornucopia of correspondingly complex contraptions to cure them. You need to hire everything from DJs and monks to dream-weaving creatures to resolve the issues faced by your patients – and even when it goes awry, it’s still quite the sight to behold.

With patients ranging from the tiniest of creatures to entire planets, you’ll certainly have your hands full, and the more you learn about each species and its respective culture, the better prepared you’ll be to cater to their needs. With missions taking you everywhere from music festivals and space farms to high-security prisons and industrial disaster sites, your ability to adapt on the fly will be tested at every turn – or you can drop into the sandbox mode and build to your heart’s content.

Galacticare is out now on Steam, with a 10% launch discount available through Thursday June 6. That means you’ll pay just $26.99 / £22.49 if you buy it in the first two weeks, or $29.99 / £24.99 afterwards. Think you’re up to the challenge? Head right here.

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