Gamescom 2020 schedule, dates, details announced – with “new shows” and “expanded” event hub

The all-digital Gamescom 2020 kicks off late August, with all-new shows to check out

Last month, the organisers of Gamescom announced the 2020 version of the annual videogame trade trade show would “definitely take place digitally”, following the outbreak of COVID-19 around the world. Now, they’ve released more details on what to expect of this year’s digital offering – including dates and news that we’ll see “new shows” and “an
expanded Gamescom” this summer.

That according to a press release on Gamescom’s site (via Geoff Keighley, producer and creator of the Opening Night Live event, on Twitter), which announces “Gamescom 2020 will take place digitally from August 27 to 30”. The event will bring, the organisers reveal, “lots of new shows, a greatly expanded Gamescom Now platform as a content hub for all the latest insights and news, and digital devcom’s wide-ranging program for game developers and other trade visitors, as well as so much more.”

The 2020 event will be comprised of several key “pillar” events, like Gamescom Now, which will be the “first go-to source for all world premieres, news, games, and events”. For example, the Opening Night Live will feature as part of this “hub”.

In addition to the opening show, which kicks off August 27, there will be a new Gamescom: Awesome Indies event featuring announcements and news about the best indie games in the pipeline. Plus, another first – the Gamescom: Daily Show – will explore and expand on all the big things coming out of the show each day.

In addition, there’ll be the Gamescom Studio, featuring interviews and updates from key devs, and finally a Gamescom: Best of Show, er, show to round the whole event off. Taking place on August 30, the “new format” closing show will take a look back at this year’s all-digital event and broadcast the presentation of the Gamescom 2020 award.

There are no timings to scribble down just yet, but it looks like we’ve got one hefty digital offering to tune into later this summer.

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