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This 4K gaming monitor has a 1,000Hz (yes, 1,000Hz) refresh rate

TCL CSOT shows off a super-fast 1,000Hz 4K LCD gaming monitor at SID Display Week 2024, which it says represents the future of esports.

TCL CSOT 1,000Hz gaming monitor at SID Display Week 2024

If you thought your 360Hz gaming monitor was outrageously fast and responsive, then get ready for another upgrade urge, as a 1,000Hz gaming monitor is already being demonstrated. Not only that, but there’s no need to put up with a low resolution on this new screen either, as this TCL CSOT 1,000Hz gaming monitor has a full 4K resolution.

TCL CSOT claims that the new monitor offers “a glimpse into the future of esports,” and it bucks the trend for previous high-refresh monitor releases, where the best gaming monitors with the fastest refresh rates have usually come out with 1,920 x 1,080 resolutions at first, with higher resolutions coming later. Even now, you can’t buy a 4K monitor with a 360Hz refresh rate. You’ll need some monstrous gaming hardware to output 1,000fps at 4K, of course – even the RTX 4090 won’t be able to do it natively.

The new TCL CSOT 1,000Hz monitor was spotted at SID Display Week 2024 by Blur Busters, which posted on X (formerly Twitter) about it. Blur Busters makes the TestUFO test, which we use to in our monitor reviews to test performance, as it’s really good at instantly showing up ghosting and blurring at high frame rates. In its photo journal, Blur Busters also confirmed that the 1,000Hz screen uses a standard LCD panel.

TCL CSOT 1,000Hz gaming monitor spotted by Blur Busters in Twitter X post

However, even if you can find an undemanding game that scales well enough for your GPU to run it at 1,000fps, the screen will have to be amazingly responsive if it’s going to display moving images at 1,000Hz with minimal blurring – you’ll need a super-low response time and some serious strobing technology.

Blur Busters offers a number of solutions to the frame rate conundrum, though, using large-scale (10:1) frame generation with reprojection to reduce latency. In a reply on X to its original post, Blur Busters also notes that running at 1,000Hz basically allows “flickerless motion clarity to reach CRT territory,” meaning one of the last few advantages of CRTs over LCDs could soon be snatched away.

TCL CSOT 1,000Hz gaming monitor at SID Display Week 2024 - photo by Blur Busters

It doesn’t seem that long ago that 60fps was the standard monitor refresh rate, but in the space of just a few years, we’ve gone through 144Hz, 240Hz, 360Hz, and 480Hz, with 1,000Hz already looming on the horizon.

Unless you’re a competitive twitch shooter, though, there’s no need to worry about keeping up, especially as, in our experience, you get diminishing returns as refresh rates get higher. I’m still happily using a 144Hz 4K gaming monitor, and I don’t have any plans to upgrade soon.

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