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This PC gamer glove might look ridiculous, but I think I need one

Looking like a Nintendo Power Glove spin off, the Magma Gloves could make a big difference when playing games such as CS2 and Valorant.

Magma gloves - heated PC gamer gloves

I don’t know about you, but when playing competitive esports games like CS2 or League of Legends, my hands have a tendency to get very cold. It looks like this problem is more common than I imagined, and now GamerTech is here to save the day with its Magma Glove, designed to keep your hand at the optimal gaming temperature.

There was a time in the past when I would roll my eyes at gaming hardware novelties such as this one, but the reality is that its purpose is sound, and it solves an issue with which some gamers clearly struggle. How the Magma Glove impacts the way your hand sits upon your gaming mouse remains to be seen, but provided there’s minimum disruption, GamerTech could be onto a winner here.

side by side images of people wearing the magma gloves

The Magma Glove uses Thin Film Thermal Regeneration, a very appropriate name for what is effectively a flexible graphene sheet carrying heat throughout the glove without compromising comfort.

The manufacturer has consulted esports pros about the Magma Glove, with members of Oxygen Esports testing it and offering feedback. It’s not yet known whether equipment such as the Magma Glove would be allowed during an official competition, though, as it could be seen as offering an advantage.

On its website, Gamer Tech states that the glove is perfect for “pregame warmups, training routines, practice sessions, and even competitions.” There’s no explicit mention of professional tournaments, but that call would be left to the individual organizers, as some are online only, whereas the likes of IEM would need to consider the LAN implications too.

My primary issue with the Magma Glove is that the visual design is trying too hard to seem edgy or cool. Given the practical implications of this peripheral, a basic design would have been fine, just to hammer home the point that this isn’t a vanity product.

Attendees of PAX East were given the first opportunity to pre-order the Magma Glove, with availability set to be limited. There’s no option to purchase the glove on GamerTech’s site, but you can sign up for the mailing list and then act fast when pre-orders are live.

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