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Save up to $95 on Logitech keyboard and mouse bundles right now

In a nod to Valentine's Day, Logitech is currently offering a discount on all its keyboards and mice when you buy one of each as a pair.

Right now, you can save up to $95 when you buy both a keyboard and a mouse from Logitech’s website, in this Valentine’s special deal. This Logitech keyboard and mouse deal is available when you buy any combination of typing and clicking tool, with the saving varying depending on the overall price of the combo.

Manufacturer of several entries on our best gaming keyboard and best gaming mouse guides, Logitech has an incredible pedigree in creating pitch perfect peripherals so there’s plenty of great combinations to be made. The company is inevitably promoting the deal using its bright pink products, slapping the slogan ‘better together’ on the deal. However, any color can be chosen.

Opting for the company’s top tier keyboard and mouse, the G915 TKL ($229.99) and Pro X Superlight 2 ($159), you can save $95 on the total price, plus Logitech is currently including a mouse and keyboard sleeve with some devices. The sleeve carries your keyboard in its main opening and has a pocket to store your mouse, and it normally costs $24.99, so it’s a nice little extra.

At the other end of the scale, opting for the $69.99 G213 Prodigy keyboard and $69.99 G403 Hero mouse saves you just $21, but that still amounts to a 15% discount. You miss out on the free keyboard and mouse sleeve with these less costly items, though.

When it comes to other well known pink peripherals, Razer hasn’t taken the opportunity of Valentine’s Day to offer a discount on its Razer Quartz pastel pink range. But, if your loved one is all about the pink kitty ears headset look, it’s the brand to go for.

Are you tempting by one of these Logitech keyboard and mouse bundles? If so, which combo would you go for? Let us know your thoughts on the PCGamesN Facebook or X pages or check out our best gaming keyboard and best gaming mouse guides for more recommendations from a wider range of brands.