Garry’s Mod turns 10 years old

Garry's Mod is 10

Garry’s Mod is 10 years old today, because that’s how much time has past, and we’re all marching towards death and decay, puppets to our cruel master, Time. Aren’t you looking forward to the new year? 

Anyway, Garry Newman’s been reminiscing over on his blog, recounting the loopy physics sandbox’s humble origins. 


“We didn’t know whether people would buy Garry’s Mod,” says Newman. “Whether anyone would care. Neither did Valve. So it was pretty impressive that it took down Steam temporarily when it was released (Steam was in its infancy at this time). That first day peak was about 5,800 sales, then dropped off to averaging around 300 sales a day. I was over the moon, how long would this last! For perpective, in 2014 our peak was 152,000 sales in one day, and our daily average was 7,500.”

Now Newman runs a studio, continues to update Garry’s Mod, has a survival sandbox, Rust, in Steam Early Access, and Facepunch Studios is in the middle of developing other games, to boot.

Coincidentally (or perhaps not) Garry’s Mod is part of today’s Steam Holiday Sale.