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Diablo meets Risk of Rain in new roguelike, and it’s a free Steam game

Gatekeeper Infinity is a top-down roguelike shooter with combat blending Diablo and Risk of Rain that’s out now as a free Steam game.

Gatekeeper: Infinity is Diablo meets Risk of Rain in a free Steam roguelike game - A figure in a white and blue suit and helmet holds out their hand, which is surrounded by sparks of electricity.

Diablo has the classic, top-down action that has you dashing between groups of enemies, unleashing your skills to devastating effect. Risk of Rain has that frenetic, wave-based horde survival with a gorgeous sci-fi aesthetic. But what if the two were to collide? The result might look something like Gatekeeper: Infinity, a new indie roguelike with up to four-player co-op that’s just arrived as a free Steam game.

Gatekeeper: Infinity comes from indie developer Gravity Lagoon, which has created the project as a prologue to its upcoming game Gatekeeper. Drawing inspiration from some of the best roguelike games, Gatekeeper: Infinity makes a great first impression with a good feel right out the gate, and if you’re looking for something new to try with your friends, there’s not a much easier sell than a free Steam game.

As one of the eponymous Gatekeepers, you’re tasked with setting out on a quest to recover the Heart of the Universe. You can choose from four different playable characters, each with their own set of skills, and as you defeat your foes and level up you can pick between various upgrade paths to hone the stats and bonuses that best suit your playstyle.

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Two of the classes are available from the get-go, while the other two can be unlocked later on. Hybrid is a more straightforward character well-suited for new players that uses ranged attacks and can bounce a deadly disc that ricochets off enemies. They also offer the handy ability to come back once from death per run. Nidum is more risk/reward and has a stacking damage buff rewarding rapid takedowns, with a melee base attack, piercing chakram, and an ultimate that launches a barrage of homing projectiles.

As I mentioned up top, Gatekeeper: Infinity feels good to play right from the start, and it’s certainly pretty to look at. While there’s not a ton of long-term variety to the missions and environments in this prologue, there’s enough substance here to get me excited for the full project – and I’ll likely keep playing Infinity for a while until the main game arrives.

Gatekeeper: Infinity is a free game on Steam. You can get it by heading to the Steam store page, where you’ll also find a link to the upcoming follow-up Gatekeeper, which is scheduled to launch in the first quarter of 2024.

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