Geil puts tiny fans on DDR5 RAM to keep your gaming PC cool

The latest DDR5 RAM kit from Geil can bless your gaming PC with memory speeds of up to 6,400MHz and bolster you fan count with another two tiny RGB LED fans

The Geil D5 Evo V DDR5 RAM kit sits in a gaming motherboard

Upgrading your gaming PC with DDR5 RAM may feel unnecessary right now, but its lightning-fast speeds will soon become the standard as we move into the future. However, with great performance comes higher temperatures and we are now officially living in the era of fan-cooled memory sticks (and yes, they have RGB LEDs).

Geil has officially launched the Evo V, the first kit of DDR5 RAM to feature active cooling, in the form of two teeny tiny fans on the corners of the heatshield. The manufacturer says that its admittedly charming solution helps to keep the modules’ operating temperatures “in an ideal thermal range” by providing “approximately 45% more thermal disappation than traditional [methods].”

The Geil Evo V seems like a monstrous example of just how fast DDR5 RAM can get, with speeds of up to 6,600MHz it’s no wonder it needs a dual fan cooling setup. You can make it look even cooler with its ‘glacier white’ color theme, but you can pick it up in grey too.

If you fancy picking yourself up some DDR5 RAM, just make sure your system’s armed with a combo of the best gaming motherboard and one of Intel’s best gaming CPUs.

AMD doesn’t yet support DDR5 RAM in its Ryzen desktop processors, but that’s all set to change when Zen 4 CPUs arrive later this year.