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After more than 20 years, one classic RPG has a huge new remaster

More than 20 years since it first launched, one classic CRPG in the vein of Fallout and Pillars of Eternity has a big new remaster, out now.

Geneforge 2 Infestation RPG game: A dragon from classic RPG game Geneforge 2

Fallout. Half-Life. Civilization. As soon as you look at some games, they just scream PC – that ‘90s or early ‘00s aesthetic which, to this day, is often imitated but never paralleled. The artwork on graphics card boxes. Early 3D cutscenes. Menus. There’s an arresting visual style across all the classics of PC’s golden era, something that often feels lost in the world of modern triple-A. 21 years since it first launched, one stalwart RPG – or perhaps CRPG, as has become the pseudonym for anything that’s isometric and stats-driven – is finally making a comeback. With a huge new remaster available to play right now, if you want to return to the heyday of what were then called ‘computer games’, this is essential.

Geneforge 2: Infestation is a total remaster of the classic RPG game from 2003. Before Pillars of Eternity, Divinity Original Sin, or Diablo 4, Spiderweb Software pioneered the isometric fantasy game for a new generation. This is an RPG in the truest sense, where everything is open-ended and nothing is decided for you.

You can join any faction, choose to fight on the side of good, evil, or neither, and earn dozens of different endings. The original Geneforge 2 was renowned for its replayability – each of your decisions vastly impacted the direction of your playthrough, so no two runs were truly the same. The remaster builds on that foundation in every way.

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On top of the huge map and myriad quests of the original, you have new areas, new missions, new characters, new dialogue (that’s a lot of new), and a totally reworked interface and management system. If you’ve ever played a game from some 20 or 30 years ago and fallen in love with the style and the idea, but stumbled over the mechanics, Geneforge 2: Infestation is definitely for you. It maintains everything that made the original shine, but with a new layer of accessibility and ease of use. And it’s available to play right this second. Just head right here.

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