Generation Zero beta starts in October, but you have to sign up soon

The Generation Zero beta begins next month

The makers of Just Cause have another open world sandbox on the way, this one focused on survival in a robot-dominated version of 80s Sweden. You won’t have to wait much longer to play Generation Zero for yourself, as Avalanche has confirmed the beta will launch in less than a month – but it’s a closed one, and you’ll need to sign up soon if you want access.

The beta begins on October 17 and will run until October 21. You only have until September 30 to get in, and it appears the beta is limited to 100,000 players – so if you want to be guaranteed a spot, you’ll need to jump in quickly.

Sign-ups are currently live on the official site for either PC or your console of choice. The developers announced the beta via a lengthy livestream which offers plenty of fresh footage of the game in action.

If you’ve missed the early announcements, Generation Zero is an open world shooter with optional four-player co-op throughout. Enemies are persistently simulated across the world, so if you get some fleeting shots in against a bot it’ll continue to show that damage even if you return hours later.

The game’s already garnered some controversy thanks to its visual resemblance to the work of artist Simon Stålenhag – a connection Avalanche says is coincidental. We’ll all have a chance to see how that look holds up in-game very soon.