Genshin Impact adds two-factor authentication for better security

Genshin Impact finally has 2FA

Genshin Impact Eula holding a symbol made of ice in a dark room

The combination of mega-popularity and a whole lot of gacha-driven money has made Genshin Impact a popular target for hackers, and players have been asking for two-factor authentication to help improve security for some time. Well, the devs have finally followed through – as of today, May 17, Genshin Impact now has 2FA.

“To further improve your account security, we are adjusting our current security verification functions,” the devs say in the announcement. After the update, (which is already live), “a new security verification function will take effect when you log in. Once this function is active, a verification code will be sent to your linked email address or mobile number when you log in to a new device to ensure that it is you using that device. In that event, please ensure that all the information is correct.”

You should automatically be enrolled in the 2FA security if you have an email address or phone number tied to your account. If you don’t have either of those bits of information attached, well… you’ll need to.

So get your 2FA ready – the Eula banner release time is nearly here, and we’ve been researching the best Eula build just for you.